Sprint ramps up mobile content

Sprint ramps up mobile content

Mobile TV is a hot topic here at CTIA, and for the cell phone industry in general. A number of services are out there, such as MobiTV, GoTV, and SlingPlayer Mobile, that bring TV right to the palm of your hand. Now, Sprint is adding to the mix by introducing Sprint Power View. It's the first network that specifically produces content for mobile devices, delivering the latest sports and entertainment news and original programming. It has its own studio in New York and 15 mobile camera crews to film events on location; shows are refreshed several times a day, seven days a week. Here's a sampling of the lineup:

Game Center: Hosted by James Brown (of Fox Sports and now CBS fame). Preview of day's games with brief analysis.

The Mobile Fix: Entertainment and hot gossip.

Daily Dose: Hosted by Ryan McDonough from the Fox Soccer Channel. Preview and recap of matchups.

We got to check out the service, and though we're not completely sold on the idea of watching TV on a cell phone, we have to admit, it was pretty cool. Power View is free to Sprint Vision and Power Vision subscribers and is available now as a downloadable Java app. You can find more information and check for compatible phones here.