Sprint offers free fifth line on its unlimited family plan

Families of five can get unlimited voice and data for $120 a month before taxes and fees.

If you're looking to add a fifth person to your family plan, Sprint is hoping you'll choose them by making that new line free.

The carrier is keeping the pricing on its Unlimited Freedom plan, launched earlier this month, the same on the first four lines. This equals out to $50 for the first line, two lines for $40 each and four lines at $30 each. But on Tuesday, Sprint rolled out a deal that lets you add a fifth line with no further monthly charges.


Sprint is making the fifth line free on its Unlimited Freedom plan.

Josh Miller/CNET

This means you can either add an additional person, or maybe a separate work line, without incurring additional monthly charges. While these prices don't include taxes and fees that could be levied on top of the carrier charges, they do include HD streaming for videos and 10GB per month of mobile hotspot data.

These prices will last until June 30, 2018, Sprint says, at which point the first line will cost $60 per month, the second will cost $40 and the third through fifth lines will cost $30 each.

All four carriers have been unveiling new tweaks on their unlimited data plans over the past few months, including whether or not HD video streaming is included as well as experiments with a variety of price points.

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