Sprint gets the message with Sanyo SCP-2700

The Sanyo SCP-2700 offers a full keyboard and a functional feature set, including navigation, voice dialing, a speakerphone, a camera, a 600-contact phone book, and Bluetooth.

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If there is a theme at CTIA 2009, it is the messaging phones. Samsung and LG have released handsets with full alphabetic keyboards for faster texting, and now Sanyo is getting in on the thumb wars as well.

On Tuesday, Sanyo and Sprint unveiled the new SCP-2700. The rectangular candy bar design reminds us of a gallery of phones before it, but Sanyo puts its own stamp on the design by offering two unique colors: deep blue and impulsive pink. The 2.2-inch display supports 65,000 colors and the keyboard offers a fair number of shortcut keys.

Features include messaging and e-mail capabilities, a GPS, support for Sprint Navigation, voice dialing, a speakerphone, a 1.3-megapixel camera, a 600-contact phone book with wireless backup, a personal organizer, and Bluetooth. Check our Kyocera/Sanyo CTIA photo gallery for some beauty shots.