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Sprint debuts four-line, 10GB family plan for $100

The limited-time promotion comes with catches and is only available to customers who switch from another carrier.

Sprint goes after contract defectors with new rate plan.

Sprint wants more families on its network in a bad way.

Announced Wednesday and available July 31, the Sprint Family Share Pack is a limited-time, $100 offer that gives you 10GB of data for up to four lines.

For $20 more, the $120 plan quadruples the data allowance from 10GB to 40GB per month.

Both of the new options waive the $15 (per line, per month) access charges for as long as you're signed on.

The Family Share Pack is not only $40 lower than Verizon's standard 10GB plan, Big Red also charges $15 per month for each line. It's worth pointing out that Verizon is currently offering the plan for $80 per month, plus access fees.

The Sprint plan is also $60 less than AT&T's rate plan. To be fair, AT&T's option does come with Rollover Data that lets you carry unused minutes to the following month.

T-Mobile, by comparison, has a four-line rate plan for $120 which gives customers 10GB data per line. Moreover, T-Mobile includes Music Freedom, which lets customers stream music without it going against their data limits. It should be noted that T-Mobile's plan is also a limited-time affair.

Sprint's latest promotion begins July 31. Screenshot by Scott Webster/CNET

Naturally, a deal such as Sprint's has to come with a few caveats, right? This one certainly does. For starters, Sprint is only offering the promotion to people who are currently signed up with another network. Existing Sprint subscribers are not eligible to get in on the love.

Additionally, customers are required to buy a smartphone from Sprint's Easy Pay program. As an incentive, Sprint will cover early termination fees and outstanding handset balances you may incur by switching.