Sprint-branded Xoom spotted online

An image of a Sprint version of Moto's Honeycomb tablet indicates that a Verizon wireless exclusive may not last long.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
Sprint looks to be next in line to offer the Honeycomb tablet. SprintUsers.com forum member 'rofl'

It appears that Verizon Wireless won't be retaining exclusive rights to the Xoom for very long. Late yesterday an image of a Sprint-branded version of the tablet landed in an online forum.

Presumably, the device will be largely the same as the Verizon model, but it's unknown whether this edition will be ready to support Sprint's WiMax network out of the box. Sources close to site Android and Me have indicated that the Sprint model may come WiMax-equipped from the beginning.

The Verizon Xoom currently features 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity options with an option for users to upgrade to 4G LTE. A Wi-Fi-only version of the tablet also goes on sale at retailers nationwide in late March.

Motorola has also detailed a GSM-capable Xoom on its product page, so it remains a possibility that T-Mobile or AT&T could offer the tablet eventually. Perhaps this might be what Motorola needs to jump-start sales of the Honeycomb tablet.