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Sprint's tri-band Galaxy S4 gets Wi-Fi calling

The Samsung smartphone marks the fourth Sprint device to receive the free calling capability.

Wi-Fi calling comes to Sprint's tri-band Samsung Galaxy S4 Sprint

Sprint's tri-band Samsung Galaxy S4 is receiving a software update that lets it place calls over Wi-Fi networks. According to the carrier, this marks the fourth such smartphone to offer the capability.

Available as an over-the-air update, the software enhancement promises improved coverage; Wi-Fi potentially fills in the gaps that Sprint's network doesn't reach.

Using home, office, and public Wi-Fi networks is a way of lessening the burden on Sprint's towers while also strengthening your coverage indoors where network signal sometimes struggle to reach.

It's worth noting that this new feature is only for the tri-band, or Sprint Spark-ready, version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Other models that have received the Wi-Fi calling option include the Samsung Galaxy Mega , Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini . Looking ahead, Sprint expects to offer Wi-Fi calling capability to additional devices.

Tri-band Samsung Galaxy S4 users are advised to keep an eye on their notification bar for the update. The installation process should take only a few minutes, and the feature can be toggled in the app menu tray.