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Spotlight-like search toolkit for the iPhone to debut

Spotlight-like search toolkit for the iPhone to debut

kannuu says it's planning to debut a search SDK for iPhone OS X next week. The tookit will include prebuilt search/look-up functionality that can be integrated into iPhone applications, as well as "references" to incorporate a prebuilt GUI (up, down, left, right, and center navigation).

Sarah Duckett, kannuu's Vice President of Communications said "Eventually we will also have an iPhone contacts application ready as a proof of concept of how one could use the SDK. Obviously the contacts application won't be available to the public until we get the OK from Apple that we are excepted. This download will be free and is compatible in native applications as well as web-based."

The SDK, available on July 22, will include an SDK search toolkit for developers building applications for the iPhone that can be incorporated into "any application in need of a search function. I.E.: weather application, phone book, local, movie, etc."

More importantly, it will include a component indexes the device database by all fields. Such indexing will need to be incorporated an utilized by individual developers, but should provide enhanced search capabilities for extant user-accesible data on the iPhone.