Spotify rolls out video podcasts for a select few shows

It offers creators an alternative to publishing on YouTube.

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Spotify on Tuesday launched video podcasts for a select few shows, letting its free users and Premium subscribers access the new feature. In a cool touch, the podcasts will transition seamlessly between video and audio-only if you leave the app, the company noted.

"The creator-made videos will start automatically and sync immediately with your audio feed," it said in a release. "If you're multitasking between apps or want to lock your device during the episode, no worries: your audio will continue to play in the background with no interruption (and minimal data usage)."

Many podcast creators post video counterparts to their audio shows on YouTube, which only lets its Premium subscribers listen to its videos' audio when the app is closed. So Spotify's new feature allows you to seamlessly access podcasts' video components.

However, it's only available on Book of Basketball 2.0, Fantasy Footballers, The Misfits Podcast, H3 PodcastThe Morning ToastHigher Learning with Van Lathan & Rachel Lindsay, and The Rooster Teeth Podcast  for the moment.

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