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Spotify revamps Windows Phone app, delivers missing features

The app now includes three features iOS and Android users have already had: Discover, Browse, and Spotify Radio.

The new Windows Phone Spotify app. Spotify

Streaming-music company Spotify said Tuesday it has totally redesigned its Windows Phone app, overhauling its look and feel to resemble its Android alternative.

The app delivers an entirely new design, a first since its launch in 2011. The app now includes easier access to search and playlists, and is a bit more visual than the previous option. Spotify said in a blog post on Tuesday that the new design tries to make it much easier for users to find the desired features.

The big additions to Spotify, however, have little to do with look and feel and everything to do with catching up to iOS and Android versions.

First up is Browse. The feature, which is new to the Windows Phone app, lets users turn on playlists based on collections and moods established by Spotify. The app also includes Discover, which finds new music based on an amalgam of Spotify's algorithm and curated content. Spotify has also finally delivered its streaming-music service Radio to the Windows Phone app.

Spotify has updated its Windows Phone app from time to time over the last few years, but the program has largely been relegated to the lowest spot of importance behind the iOS and Android versions. That Spotify has updated the Windows Phone app suggests it's at least thinking more about Windows Phone, which is a good thing for that platform's users.

Spotify's new Windows Phone app is available now for free in the Windows Phone Store.