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Spotify amps up curated playlists so you can find the perfect song 24/7

Spotify's new playlists are designed to be specific to each listener's tastes.

Spotify is making its playlists more personalized. 

One of my favorite aspects of Spotify is the personalization: Discover Weekly, the Daily Mixes, or suggestions based on artists I've listened to. Now the streaming service wants to take its playlist algorithms to the next level, according to a Wednesday blog post from the company.

Some of the playlists created by Spotify's editorial team, ones like Happy Hits and Songs to Sing in the Car, will now be personalized based on a listener's taste.

"We know that everyone's taste is different, and songs that one person may want to sing in the shower just might not make sense for everyone else," Spotify said.

For those specific playlists, no two will be the same, the company said. Spotify positioned the move as a win for both listeners and artists, saying people are more likely to listen longer, more artists can be featured, and song discoveries are expected to increase. 

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