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Speeding up iPhone Backups

Speeding up iPhone Backups

iPhone backups through iTunes after the OS 2.0.x update are inordinately long for some users, literally taking hours in some cases.

We've now received reports indicating that the slow backup issue may be caused by the presence of certain applications. Specifically, several users have reported that removing the application VoiceNote results in faster backups.

Some sample reports from an Apple Dicussions thread:

  • "Solution for me: Deleted the VoiceNote app and all my VoiceNote files on the iPhone and in iTunes. TADAA! Sync time decreased from 1 hour to less than a minute!"
  • "(VoiceNote) was an app that I had downloaded and used a few times over the weekend. I decided to delete it 1st and then sync my iPhone to see if it made a difference. Wow! What a difference - from 2 hours to backup and sync to 2 minutes. I think this shows that it's the apps that affect the backup times."

We are also receiving reports indicating that a number of the fixes for sync issues we noted almost a a year are effective at speeding backup times. These include connecting the iPhone directly to a computer's USB port rather than through a USB hub; switching USB ports if you?re having problems with one and more.

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