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Space program's greatest gift to humanity: Stink-free underwear you can wear for a week

Danish company OrganicsBasics claims its upcoming spacesuit-inspired SilverTech underwear are the world's most comfortable and technologically advanced odorless underwear.

Spacesuit-inspired SilverTech underwear.

Granted, you could wear any pair of underwear for a week. But things could get pretty gross if you did.

But Danish company OrganicBasics is in the process of creating SilverTech "odorless" underwear -- and odorless socks -- that are infused with bacteria-fighting and heat-regulating silver that the company says is a key ingredient in space suits. The material is called Flexsil Performance Silver fabric.

In the process of raising money via a Kickstarter campaign, OrganicBasics pitch is: "From outer space to your underwear drawer. Sustainable organic boxers, socks and t-shirts. No stink or sweat. Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria."

I asked a rep from the company whether the new underwear could be worn for a week. His answer: "Absolutely."

Naturally, we'll believe that when see (and smell) it, but you can preorder a pair of boxer briefs for around $23 (a pair of early-bid socks goes for around $16). They're due to ship in August and they can be shipped anywhere in the world.

As far as competitors go, there are other "odorless" underwear out there, including Shreddies, which received some media attention three years ago. But those underwear are infused with a layer of activated carbon and are designed to fight flatulence issues.