Source Code Runs Amuck After NDA Drop

Source Code Runs Amuck After NDA Drop

Ben Wilson
2 min read

Now that Apple has relaxed some of the more noxious portions of the iPhone SDK non-disclosure agreement as we previously reported, developers, publishers, journalists, and websites are running to catch up and let information about released versions of the iPhone SDK. One website called Apps Amuck is ringing the bell hard with "31 Days of iPhone Apps. "

Apps Amuck is distributing free iPhone SDK App source code. Each of the 31 days will showcase an executable and source code for each App. The Apps are not exactly best in class and ready for the App Store, but they offer a free resource that demonstrates various aspects of SDK coding that might otherwise be unheard of. Beginning iPhone SDK developers will find the site and its resources very valuable.

The curious out there can download these Apps, compile them and run them in the Simulator. Digging around the source code and examining it closely will reveal the classes used in the code and how to apply these classes in your own Apps.

You also might find the following resources valuable for iPhone software development and source code examples.

Apple Resources

Third Party Resources
  • General Info Cocoa Programming Cocoa Dev Central General information about Cocoa Development on the Mac if you don't know much about Cocoa Development
  • CocoaDev Wiki for Cocoa Development
  • Erica Sadun's Google Code site for her iPhone development book we reported on previously.
  • Bill Dudney video demo showing how to write an iPhone App.
  • WordPress for iPhone is fully open source.
  • iDevKit.com offers both tutorials and code samples here.
  • Trails in the Sand how-to articles with SDK sample code.
  • Craig Hockenberry has an excellent must see tutorial for setting up Ad Hoc distribution which is the method used for deploying copies of your App for beta testing. Very important for creating quality Apps.
  • You can also browse source code for the iPhone and other systems at Google Code.

If you know of any other code sources of iPhone SDK information, tutorials, example source code, etc. Please let us know.