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Sorry, European travelers. DHS poised to ban tablets, PCs

The Department of Homeland Security will soon widen its ban on tablets, PCs, cameras and gaming devices in cabins of planes leaving Europe, report says.

Airline travel might get even harder.

As if air travel wasn't miserable enough.

The Department of Homeland Security is poised to widen its ban of electronics devices larger than a phone in all cabins of flights leaving Europe, the Daily Beast reported Wednesday. The ban is expected to be announced Thursday, the news site says.

In March, the DHS announced travelers coming to the US from eight countries in the Middle East and Africa would have to pack their laptops, tablets, DVD players, electronic game players and cameras in checked luggage. The move was prompted by an unspecified terrorism threat.

The widened ban has been expected. On Monday, unnamed sources told CBS News the DHS is weighing the advantages of the broader ban against the disruptions it would cause. US officials then said a decision would come "in the next few weeks." European officials, however, told the Daily Beast the DHS will announce the news tomorrow.