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Sony's Bluetooth bonanza

A sneak peek at the Bluetooth accessories Sony will unleash in January 2007.

Some of the Bluetooth goodies

We saw some compelling and often confounding sights at the Sony.Experience More showcase event on Friday.

Top of the list would probably be the HD versus SD demonstration, in which camcorders were trained on a topless female model who sat still and smiling while a nervous young man painted cherry blossoms on her naked chest.

Further down the list but still interesting was the range of Bluetooth accessories set to debut at the beginning of 2007. A quick look at what's on offer:

  • The DRBT20NX (lanyard style) and DRBT30Q (ear clip) headphones can be used with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone for your music streaming pleasure -- provided said phone supports the A2DP profile.
  • The HWSBTA2W transceiver plugs into a hi-fi system or car unit to stream tunes from your mobile. When switched to transmitter mode, it bestows Bluetooth audio streaming capability on a mobile phone.
  • The TMRBT10 transmitter does away with the receiving bit, functioning solely as a Bluetooth transmitter for non-Bluetooth devices like phones and MP3 players.
  • Finally, the SRSBTM30 speakers can be paired with a phone, MP3 player or laptop for wireless tune streaming.

No word yet on what these catchily named add-ons will cost, but such information -- and more tech specs -- should appear closer to the January release date.