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Sony Xperia Z5 family: Australian pricing and availability

Sony's newest triple play of Xperia smartphones are the Z5, Z5 Compact and the Z5 Premium. The phones have now been priced for their Australian launch from October 12.

Rich Trenholm/CNET

For the next iteration of its popular Xperia range, Sony hasn't just stopped at a single device. Joining the Z5 are the smaller-screen Z5 Compact and the 5.5-inch Z5 Premium.

The camera is the focus for the basic Z5, with a completely redesigned 23-megapixel rear snapper boasting an auto-focus time of just 0.03 seconds. The 4.7-inch Compact has the same, but does drop the screen resolution down to 720p. On the other, larger hand, the Z5 Premium goes above and beyond with its 4K screen, the first of its kind. Both the Z5 and Z5 Compact are available "from next week" with the Premium coming at a later date.

Outright pricing

The Z5 Compact will cost you AU$849 outright from JB Hi-Fi and Sony Kiosks. JB has it in black and white, while Sony has black, white, yellow and coral.

The basic Z5 is AU$999, again from JB and Sony. Colour-wise, both have black and white options, but Sony also offers the very Aussie colours choices of both green and gold.

The Z5 Premium is AU$1,199 and in addition to Sony and JB Hi-Fi, you'll find it at Dick Smith stores as well. JB has it in chrome, while both Sony and Dick Smith have chrome, black and gold.

Carrier Pricing


With the Z5 family being category 6 LTE devices, Telstra is offering both the Z5 and the Z5 compact on its 4GX network.

Both devices are on a range of plans, like the AU$95 per month Go Mobile plan. This includes no additional handset repayments, with 6GB of data plus a bonus 1GB for customers who sign up before December 25. Over a 24-month contract, the minimum cost is AU$2,280.

Telstra will have the Z5 in black, white and green and the Compact in black white and coral.


Optus will offer the Z5 in black, with plan details still to come.


Vodafone will have the Z5 in white, again with plans to be announced.

It appears that no telcos are offering the Premium at this stage but we'll be keeping an eye out for more information as plan details are revealed.