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Sony Xperia Z1 SIM-free out now in UK, from £550

Sony's latest smart phone has arrived with online retailers -- but it'll cost you a pretty penny.

Sony's latest smart phone, the waterproof Xperia Z1, has arrived with UK online retailers -- but it'll cost you a pretty penny.

SIM-free phone-floggers Unlocked-Mobiles, digital-phone and Clove have all confirmed that they've got stock of Sony's 5-inch toy. Digital-phone's price is the lowest of the three, at a not-inconsiderable £550.

That high price isn't unexpected, as the 2.2GHz quad-core chip inside the Z1 is the most powerful we've ever tested, and the 1080p display and 20-megapixel camera are also high-end components that will drive up the price.

If you're looking to buy the Z1 but don't have nigh-on £600 to splash, your options are to wait until it's available on contract or sit tight until the price drops.

Carphone Warehouse doesn't appear to have the Z1 yet, but has pre-order contracts that get you the phone for free up front, for £32 per month over 24 months. Carphone Warehouse is also chucking in Sony's Cybershot QX10 detachable camera lens when you pre-order.

Amazon meanwhile still has a 20 September release date for the SIM-free Z1, and a £600 asking price.

The Z1 impressed in our review, where we awarded the little blighter a hearty four stars, praising the hugely powerful processor, but lamenting a camera that's not particularly impressive, and dodgy battery life.

Are you planning on snapping up the Z1? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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