Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Galaxy Note rival, smashes test records

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rival, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra phablet, smashes records if new benchmark results are to be believed.

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The numbers are in -- and if they're right, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra phablet could be the stiffest competition yet for the trailblazing Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The Note was the first in-between screen bridging the gap between phone and tablet, with the Note 2 building on the original Note's success. Other phablets haven't captured the imagination, but if new leaked benchmarks reported by PhoneArena are to be believed Sony could give the Note a run for its money.

Expected next month, the Xperia Z Ultra is reported to have scored a record-breaking 32,173 points in the AnTuTu benchmark test.

AnTuTu is an Android app that tests a phone or tablet's processor, memory graphics performance and reading and writing speeds. Although nothing's been officially confirmed, the Z Ultra is rumoured to be powered by a 2.2GHz, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM.

The bigger brother of the Sony Xperia Z smart phone is also expected to sport a 6.44-inch, 1080p high definition LCD screen and an 8-megapixel Exmor RS camera. Oh, and there's a stylus included, just like the Note.

To see what all the phablet fuss is about, check out our video:

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The Xperia Z Ultra will be unveiled in Paris on 4 July. Are you looking forward to the Z Ultra? Is the Note the only phablet worth worrying about? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or catch some Zs on our Facebook page.