Sony Xperia TX film shoot: behind the scenes

Take a behind-the-scenes look as Jason Van Genderen starts work on his next short film, plus find out how you can win a new Sony Xperia TX and join us at the film's premiere.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
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Joseph Hanlon

This week on CNET Australia, we've kicked off an exciting partnership with award-winning film-maker Jason Van Genderen to create a brand new video project using the Sony Xperia TX. Jason will be working over the next few weeks to put his new film together, and will be taking us behind the scenes as he gets to know the new smartphone camera, overcomes the pitfalls of a smartphone film shoot and pulls it all together before the film's premiere.

In this first episode, Jason unboxes the new Xperia TX and takes us through some of the features that jump out at him as a film-maker straight away.

We're also giving you the chance to join in on this awesome event. If you'd like to be at the premiere screening of Jason's new short film, we're giving our five most creative readers a chance to win an Xperia TX, plus flights and accommodation in Sydney to join us at the premiere, where Jason will be giving a master class on his process. We also have 30 double passes to the premiere for our runners up.