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​Sony teases head wearables at CES 2015: SmartEyeglass Attach and Smart B-Trainer

Smart monocles and coaching headsets: Sony's striving for eyes and ears at this year's CES.

Sony's Smart B-Trainer prototype workout coaching headset. Sony

LAS VEGAS -- The wrist's getting to be pretty crowded lately. Why not move back to the head? At Sony's CES 2015 press conference here at the 2015 International CES, a few prototypes are being shown off that reimagine head-worn glasses and headsets for entertainment and fitness.

Sony's SmartEyeglass prototype , shown off in September 2014, is being further developed with new apps and even a version with just one lens. SmartEyeglass Attach Is a snap-on one-lens concept that's meant to glom on to existing eyeglasses, for sport and fitness use. It's more like a Smart Monocle.

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The Smart B-Trainer prototype, on the other hand, is a waterproof sports headset studded with fitness sensors, designed for runners. The Smart B-Trainer concept is meant to play music via its own onboard storage, and also give voice coaching while automatically suggesting appropriate soundtracks during workouts. It looks a lot like some sort of variation on a wraparound Bluetooth headset.

Sarah Tew/CNET

No further details are available yet, and these prototypes are far from finished products. But, it's clear that Sony's still striving for non-smartwatch spaces in wearable tech...if anyone can be convinced to go there.

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