Sony Tablet S review: Classy iPad alternative

CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell talks about his review of the Sony Tablet S, an elegant Android tablet with a unique set of features.

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Sony S tablet
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As of today, Sony's Android 3.2 Tablet S is shipping across North America. The target audience: Apple-averse tablet fans with $500 to $600 to spend on a tablet newcomer (minus the 500,000 or so potential customers that bought discontinued HP TouchPads). OK, honestly, I have no idea who these people are. If they're the same people (not) buying RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, Sony might be in trouble.

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Ever the optimist, I really want to believe there's a market for premium-quality Android tablets out there. If so, Sony is poised to capitalize on it with the Tablet S.

Sony's tablet offers a welcome change from the cookie-cutter world of Honeycomb tablets. From the light, asymmetrical design, to the series of helpful software customizations that are more than just window dressing--the Tablet S comes across as the BMW of tablets. We like it.

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