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Sony SmartBand on sale in March, followed by World Cup edition

Sony's SmartBand goes on sale in March, with a special World Cup version to follow.

Sony's newest and tiniest wearable: The Core
At CES in Las Vegas, Sony's Kunimasa Suzuki announces the Core, a small device that will act as a fitness tracker, offering recommendations based on how users interact with the device.

BARCELONA, Spain -- The Sony SmartBand hits shops in March, followed by a special edition version celebrating the World Cup in Brazil this summer.

The SmartBand SWR10 is a wristband that puts Sony's Core fitness-tracking doohickey on your wrist. The idea of the Core is that you can attach it to different devices; one of the ideas Sony suggests is a tiny camera module that takes snaps as you go about your day, creating a sort of visual diary.

Core works with an app called LifeLog, which tracks your activity and movements. Once paired with your phone, your wristband will vibrate if it strays too far from your phone -- handy if ne'er-do-wells try to make off with your new Xperia -- and it can also be used to control your music.

The 2014 soccer World Cup kicks off in June in Brazil, and to celebrate the footballing fiesta Sony will sell a SmartBand in the signature yellow and green colour made famous by Pelé and chums.

The SmartBand will be on sale across the world. Prices are yet to be confirmed.

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