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Sony queues entry-level Xperia E for Q1 2013

Aimed at first-time smartphone users, the Sony handset is set to arrive early next year.

Sony's latest, the Xperia E, is an entry-level Android experience.

Sony today announced a new, entry-level Android handset that is expected to ship in the first quarter of the coming year.

Dubbed the Sony Xperia E, the company's latest should make for a decent first smartphone experience. Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the device features a 1GHz processor, and comes loaded with Sony's custom software touches.

The Xperia E will be offered in a single SIM model as well as a dual-SIM edition, the Xperia E dual. Aside from this difference, both are identical in every other facet. Details include a 3.5-inch (320x480) display, a 3.2-megapixel camera, and 512MB memory. Powered by a 1,500mAh battery, the handset offers the standard Android connectivity options as well as microSD expansion. The Xperia E will be available in black, white, or pink, while the Xperia E dual-SIM modell will come in black or gold.

On the software front, the Xperia E comes loaded with Sony's Walkman application with xLOUD audio technology and access to Music Unlimited from Sony. As is the case with many Sony smartphones, DLNA connectivity lets users share multimedia with TVs, tablets, and other devices.

Pricing and carrier details aren't available yet; however, Sony should offer both versions of the Xperia E globally in the first quarter. If history is any indicator, we might expect the single-SIM model to be made available in an unlocked capacity through Amazon and other online retailers.