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Sony Lifelog wearable camera concept could track your life

The concept tech was spied at Mobile World Congress 2014, where Sony is keen to show off its big ideas in wearable gadgets.

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Sony is keen to prove that it has potentially brilliant ideas in the world of wearable tech, showing off an interesting concept camera that could strap itself around your neck, and document your whole life.

The idea seems similar to the Autographer wearable camera, which automatically takes a photo when it detects a change in your surroundings, to build up a photographical catalogue of your entire existence.

Sony says that silver plate on the front could eventually be a touch panel, and the device -- were it ever to become real -- could work with Sony's new Lifelog app, which launches with its new fitness band. The app would let you scroll back through your history to monitor your calorie intake and which apps you were using, among other features.

Would you use a camera like this, or would it merely collect loads of photos that you'll never ever look at? Let me know your thoughts on wearable tech in the comments below.