Sony Ericsson YouTube video hints at new mobiles

A leaked video has appeared on the Intertubes showing off some extremely cool new Sony Ericsson handsets. It looks official -- watch and drool, people, watch and drool

Andrew Lim

You've got to wonder how things get 'leaked' sometimes, but we aren't complaining. Take this video of some new drool-worthy Sony Ericsson handsets, for example, that's been floating around the Interwebs over the weekend. From what we can see, it looks very much like an official advert, and bloggers are going nuts over the newfangled handsets on display.

Both phones look very similar to the Sony Xperia X1 we reported on earlier this year, but as you'll notice they're touchscreen phones without slide-out keypads. The focus is definitely on media and video, with a splash of social networking thrown into the mix -- and they seem to use a version of the PlayStation 3's slinky XrossMediaBar interface. In other words, they're high-end phones aiming to take on Apple and Nokia.

Since we know nothing about where this video came from, we can't say for definite that these media-centric puppies will come out, so here's to hoping and waiting. In the meantime we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Sony Xperia X1, which has the potential to take Sony Ericsson to the next level of smart phone goodness. -Andrew Lim