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Sony Ericsson T715: Bringing sexy to the sausage-fingered

Sony Ericsson's recently announced T715 slider features large buttons and fonts, and promises to look pretty sharp, too

Touchscreen madness may be sweeping the world, but there are still plenty of us left who want good old-fashioned buttons to press, not to mention a contract that doesn't require us sell our very souls.

Despite launching some fancy new efforts, like the Satio, Sony Ericsson hasn't given up on mid-range phones -- witness the new T715 slider.

We love the appearance of recent Sony Ericsson sliders, like the W705 Walkman, and the T715 looks like it could be yet another sexy beast. It also promises a large keypad and font size, so it could be a goodie for the sausage-fingered among us who want an attractive handset.

The T715 will sport a 3.2-megapixel camera with an LED photo light for those dark in-the-pub shots, and GPS so you can geotag your photos to help you find that pub again.

We're also happy to see that Sony Ericsson has opted for a microSD card slot instead of a proprietary Memory Stick slot.

The T715 should be rocking the moderately-priced aisle at your local phone shop in the third quarter of this year.