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Sony Ericsson P990i: Where are you?

We've been eagerly awaiting the Sony Ericsson P990i for almost a year. It looks like it might finally be close, but we're not letting ourselves get too excited yet...

Reviewing mobile phones requires buckets of patience. We're often told about new phones a year before they come out, which can be frustrating -- we want to get our hands on them straight away.

The Sony Ericsson P990i is beginning to try even our saintly patience, though -- we've been eagerly awaiting it for nearly a year. It was announced in October 2005 and we were told it would be commercially available at the start of 2006.

But here we are in mid-August and still nothing. We think it will be available in the next month, but we're not going to let ourselves get excited until it arrives on our desk.

The Sony Ericsson P990i is following in the footsteps of the other P-series phones as a cutting-edge smart phone. This handset features a Qwerty keypad, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, push email, a 2-megapixel camera with autofocus and an expandable Memory Stick Pro Duo slot that can support up to 8GB.

Unfortunately, we've waited so long for this phone that the features are no longer as alluring as they originally were. However, we'll wait till we get the P990i in before making a final judgement. -AL