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Sony Ericsson MPS-60 portable speakers: Delirium be gone

Sometimes thinking about a song just isn't the same as listening to it, especially when you're being driven mad by the same song for hours on end, and headphones don't always cut it. Now even your mobile phone can have speakers

It's simply incredible what the human body can achieve and even more incredible how focused the mind can be in the most treacherous of situations. Joe Simpson (no relation to Homer) is probably as tough as you can get -- he epitomises the sheer strength and determination of the human race.

What did Joe do that makes us bow down to him like Huitzilopochtli himself? He survived the most terrifying descent off the remote Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. Not only did he break his legs but he fell 100m down a crevasse and then managed to haul himself out and crawl at a snail's pace down the entire mountain. In an unexpected twist, Simpson was tortured by the constant playing of Boney M's Brown Girl in the Ring by his own delirious mind.

If only he'd had a mobile phone and some portable speakers -- maybe he might have been able to distract himself from Boney M's musical nightmare. The small and very portable Sony Ericsson MPS-60 Portable Speakers would have been just the thing Joe needed. Of course, if he'd had a mobile phone, his rescue might have been a tad quicker, but never mind...

The MPS-60 speakers simply clip into your Sony Ericsson Walkman phone and off you go playing tunes at a loud enough volume to annoy people on buses and trains, and possibly get rid of an annoying song that just won't leave your mind. There's no AC adaptor required -- they'll work off the mobile phone battery.

Don't expect sound quality akin to the iPod Hi-Fi, but they're not bad for those moments when carrying around a massive sound system just isn't practical. You can get them for around £30 and they're available from the Sony Ericsson online shop. -AL