Sony Ericsson delivers exclusive Android Market channel

The handset maker looks to offer customers exclusive content in the form of games and applications designed for its phones.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster

Sony Ericsson begins highlighting exclusive content for its customers. Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson announced today that it has started its own channel in the Android Market. Designed specifically to work on Sony Ericsson products, the channel replaces the "My Apps" link found on the landing page of the market. According to Sony Ericsson's blog, this spot will be used to offer exclusive content in the form of games and apps that best enhance the experience for the company's devices.

Starting off, Sony Ericsson is offering plug-ins for itsTimescape and camera application, but the eventual plan is to provide other developers a platform to promote their efforts. Users are encouraged to submit ideas and feedback to help shape the future of the channel.

It's worth pointing out that since this channel is carrier dependent, some customers might not see this feature. Many providers like to tailor the Android Market around their own services and apps, but customers who buy a Sony Ericsson phone direct from the manufacturer should see the new channel.