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Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905: 8-megapixel geotagging

The yet-to-be-announced Sony Ericsson C905 has made a premature bid for freedom, and Crave is agog at the news that it sports a whopping 8-megapixel camera, with geotagging feature

With Cravers everywhere in a state of excitement over a number of imminent mobile phone announcements, reports have flashed across the Interweb of an escapee from the closely guarded Sony Ericsson camp. The slider phone codenamed 'Shiho' has made a premature break for freedom, and has been revealed as the new Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905, with -- get this -- an 8-megapixel camera.

It boasts optics and technology from the Cyber-shot compact range, including auto focus, face recognition, BestPic, red-eye reduction and video. The xenon flash is carried over from the 5-megapixel K850i, while new features include smart contrast and image stabilisation -- it's a safe bet that's digital rather than optical.

The 8-megapixel sensor and 61mm (2.4-inch) screen bring the C905 practically up to compact camera spec, although we'll be checking image quality from the small sensor and lens closely. It packs plenty of phone features too, such as an accelerometer to flip photos automatically, and GPS that allows geotagging. Very nice.

The C905 has connectivity coming out of its ears, with Wi-Fi and HSDPA. Measuring 104 by 49 by 18mm and weighing in at 136g, the C905 will reportedly be available in gold, silver and black colour schemes. Reports initially suggested a 2GB internal memory, but we can now confirm that there will be a bundled 2GB Memory Stick Micro M2. Stay tuned for more on Sony Ericsson's other announcements, and click on for more pics of the C905. -Rich Trenholm

It has GPS built in, which looks a little bit like this. We're not entirely sure it should be used to guide an aircraft, though.

A very long picture of the front with the slider shut.

...and with the slide open.

Here's how you take a picture -- it's more camera than phone, to be honest. We wonder which bowl she used for that haircut?