Sony Ericsson Bluetooth: for work and play

Some Bluetooth headsets can feel like you've attached a clothes peg to your ear. Sony Ericsson has noticed this and launched a range of slightly more comfortable ear bangles

Andrew Lim
2 min read

Mr T taught us all the importance of accessorising with dangly ear ornaments. Sony Ericsson has launched some new Bluetooth headsets that any member of the A-Team would have been proud to bond with their mobile phone. Unfortunately they've all got horrible product names, so as a service to Crave readers and Sony Ericsson's marketing department, we've decided to give them all cute new names.

The Penetrator
First up is the IV835 Digital, a tiny Bluetooth headset that doesn't use a loop around the ear. All you have to do is pop it in your ear like you would with a normal ear bud -- and that's it. The PV705 is business as usual, weighing only 15g, but uses the more traditional hook-that-hangs-like-tribal-jewellry to attach to your ear.

The Rubber Love
The CV435 feels completely natural to wear and is designed for those of you who are on the go 24/7 -- secret agents, long distance runners and professional footballers can party all night long in these puppies. There's something just right about the way the rubber wraps around our ear. Oh. Just us then.

The Ear Harp
The DS970, pictured on the right, is for you music lovers out there: a truly portable Bluetooth stereo headset with in-ear earbuds. Learn from this, Motorola, purveyor of disgraceful ugly ear horridness. The music will automatically mute when a call comes in and you can even use the controls on the headset to accept or reject a call, which is the way we like it.

All the headsets support Bluetooth 2.0 and 'auto pairing'. This means you don't have to enter a code every time you want to pair a phone with the headset, just search for the device and click 'add'. -AL