Sony Ericsson baffles with LiveView Android display

Sony Ericsson is betting big on Android, with a PSP phone in the wings and a newly announced Android-specific Bluetooth accessory.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
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Joseph Hanlon

Sony Ericsson (SE) is embracing Android in a big way; not only is the company rumoured to be developing an Android-powered PSP phone, but it is also splashing out on inventing Android-specific Bluetooth accessories, starting with LiveView.

LiveView is about as big as the face on a wrist watch. (Credit: Sony Ericsson)

Described as a "micro display", LiveView pairs with your Android phone and delivers a range of data from your phone to the 1.3-inch screen, like SMS messages, RSS feeds, Facebook updates and missed calls. It can also be plugged into third-party apps, where developers see the need. Sony Ericsson showcased a fitness app that can be monitored on the LiveView from your wrist while you work out. As you can see in the video below, navigating LiveView is performed by pressing on the edges of the screen, rather than the screen itself.

Those with long memories will recall Sony Ericsson's previous forays into somewhat baffling Bluetooth accessories. The good news for LiveView is that it can pair to any Android phone running versions 2.0 and above, meaning you don't necessarily need an Xperia X10 to use the device, though strangely you will have to wait until SE updates the Xperia down under before you can take advantage of this added extra.

Sony Ericsson is banking on a price of €69 for the LiveView, which equates to roughly AU$100, though we'd be surprised if we saw any real parity in pricing if the LiveView makes it to our shores.