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Sony Bluetooth headsets: Won't make you look like a plonker

Tired of looking insane and unfashionable when you use your Bluetooth headset? Why not check out Sony's DRBT20NX, DRBT30QB and DRBT10CX -- a complicated way of saying "cool new head furniture"?

It's downright unfortunate that using a Bluetooth headset makes most people look like complete wallies. There's simply something unsettling about seeing somebody talking into a Universal Soldier-style device while they peruse DVDs at the local Blockbuster or try on a pair of jeans at GAP.

So it's a relief to see a new generation of Bluetooth headsets that look more like headphones than headsets. The advantage is that aside from looking like you're just wearing a pair of standard headphones, you can also use them to listen to music wirelessly and in stereo from a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player or phone.

One company that has started to make stereo Bluetooth headphones is Sony, and its new product range looks pretty stylish. Pictured on the left is the DRBT20NX -- it features a neck strap, in-ear buds, a built-in microphone and a basic remote control, and it has an 11-hour battery life, so it should last you the weekly commute into work. It's currently available for around £50 from

Next up on the top right is the DRBT30QB that features a clip-on style ear attachment system, and also has a built-in microphone, so you can use it to make phone calls. It, too, has an 11-hour battery life, and is currently available for around £70 from

Finally we have the DRBT10CX (bottom right), which is similar to the DRBT20NX, but doesn't feature a neck strap or remote. It also boasts an 11-hour battery life and comes with in-ear buds and is currently available from for around £50. -AL