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Some iPhone 6 Plus devices have faulty cameras, says Apple, as it offers free repair

"A small percentage" of the phones sold between September and January have iSight cameras that take blurry shots. But if you got stuck, you can get a fix at no charge.

No need to shudder. Your camera can be replaced for free. Apple

Does the camera on your iPhone 6 Plus turn out blurry photos? You may be able to get it replaced for free.

Apple said "a small percentage" of 6 Pluses have a faulty component that affects image quality and that the company will replace the iSight camera on the back of those phones at no charge.

The devices in question were sold, for the most part, between September of last year and January 2015, Apple said. The iPhone maker has posted a tool on its website that lets you drop in the serial number of your phone to see if it's eligible for the free repair.

Affected customers can bring their device to an Apple store or to an authorized service provider (but not to their wireless provider). The same page that features the serial-number tool has links to help you find a convenient drop-off location. See that page for other details as well.

The iPhone 6 Plus went on sale in late September, alongside a sister phone, the iPhone 6. The devices were seen by many as an answer to rival Samsung's successful larger-screened smartphones, and the answer seemed to be an effective one: By one measure the 6 Plus was the hottest selling or large-screen phone/tablet, device in the US during the first quarter of the year.

The 6 Plus, along with the iPhone 6, has also been cited for its high-quality photo-taking skills. And with people increasingly eschewing dedicated digital cameras in favor of their smartphones to snap everyday pictures, Apple made photography the focal point of its this year.

Apple's iPhone has become more vital than ever to the company's financial results. For the past couple of quarters, more than two-thirds of Apple's sales have come from the device. The company is expected to introduce the next version of the iPhone, the 6S, in early September .