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Snowy is a Siri-like personal assistant for Pebble Time

The app is capable of taking questions, setting reminders, and more -- oh my!

Pebble's Time line of smartwatches now has a capable personal assistant application, though it's not the work of the company itself.

The app, called Snowy, is a third-party application that was built to replicate Siri and Google Now's functionality.

Granted, it's not going to be nearly as robust, it does have a healthy list of commands and features at launch. You can view the complete list on Snowy's website.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Commands range from asking for correct spelling or definitions of words, math calculations, finding a place to eat, weather forecasts and adding items to your to do list.

The app itself is $2.99, and can be found in the Pebble Time app store.

Snowy uses the recently released Nuance API from Pebble, and works with both iOS and Android. I've struggled with some commands in early testing, but after looking at the command list I discovered I was asking for information the wrong way. In other words, study that list and ask questions using the proper syntax.

Right now, Snowy is available in English only and will work with only the Pebble Time, Pebble Time Round and Pebble Time Steel (due to microphone requirements, of course).