Snapchat's Lens Explorer aims to help you find community creations

The new feature will make Community Lenses discoverable in the app's Lens Carousel.

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Sean Keane

Snapchat will add Lens Explorer in an update on Tuesday.


Snapchat will put the spotlight on its community's creativity Tuesday with its new Lens Explorer.

The added feature in the AR photo messaging app will allow you to check out Community Lenses, created with Lens Studio, in the app's main carousel.

To use the Explorer, tap the smiley face icon that shows up on the carousel and tap the appropriate tile to unlock the Lens. You can also unlock a Lens by swiping up on Snaps in featured Our Stories.

Lens Explorer will initially be available only to iOS users. Snapchat parent Snap didn't specify a time frame for an Android rollout.

The company notes that it has 12 million daily Snapchatters in the UK alone, and has previously said that 191 million people use it everyday worldwide.

Snap first added the Lens feature in 2015 and says more than 70 million people use it for an average of 3 minutes per day worldwide.

In May, Snapchat introduced its first sound-reactive Lens