You can buy Snapchat Spectacles today (if you're lucky)

Snapchat's glasses will be sold through "Snapbot" vending machines.

Sharon Profis Vice President of Content
Sharon Profis is a vice president of content.
Sharon Profis
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You can now post Snaps with your face.

In September, Snap Inc. (formerly called Snapchat) announced Spectacles, $130 sunglasses that can shoot first-person videos and upload them to ephemeral-messaging service Snapchat. Starting Thursday, you can buy those glasses if you're in the right place on the right day. Here's what we know.

They'll only be sold through 'Snapbots'

Forget preorders or waltzing into a Best Buy. Instead, you'll need to hunt down a Snapbot, a vending machine just for selling Spectacles. It looks like this:


Some people who purchased Spectacles on Thursday from the first Snapbot stop are flipping them on eBay...for up to $1,000 each. (At that rate you might as well book a trip to the next Snapbot location, am I right?)

Snapbots will visit one location, for a day at a time

It seems Snapchat has just one vending machine at the moment that will journey across the US, one spot at a time. You can expect the locations to be big cities or densely populated areas, like New York and Los Angeles, for example. The first stop was Venice Beach, California, but the company said you can expect a bot to pop up in "places where you're excited to make memories."

Each visit will last about a day.

Track Snapbots using a map or app

If you want to keep track of the Snapbots, check out this map. Snap will share the next location 24 hours prior to its "landing." The bots will only be available in the US.

In the Snapchat app a Spectacles Geofilter will be available if a bot is nearby. You'll need to have location services on to see Geofilters, though.

You'll be able to virtually try on Spectacles

If you're not sure which color Spectacles to choose, you'll be able to virtually try on any pair of glasses through the bot. Spectacles come in black, teal and coral. (You can also try them on through the Snapchat app.)

People are already buying them!

Select your color on the bot, put in a debit or credit card, and 10 seconds -- and $130 -- later the Spectacles will come out. Specs come with one charging case, one charging cable and one cleaning cloth. They're fully charged so you can Snap up to 400 times right out of the bot.

Snapchat is tweeting photos of people visiting the first Snapbot in Santa Monica. Check it out:

Spectacles are compatible with certain phones

In order to pair the Spectacles with your phone, you'll need a newer device. Spectacles are currently compatible with the iPhone 5 and later (running iOS 8 and above) and Android devices running Android 4.3 and above (with Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi Direct). If you have an iPhone SE, you'll have the best experience if it's running iOS 10.

Editors' note, Friday November 11: This story was originally published on Thursday, November 10 and has since been updated to include new details.