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Prank your friends with Snapchat's infinite snap tools

Want to send an endless loop of video to confuse your friends? Snapchat's got you covered. Plus, draw with emoji!

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The magic eraser tool in action.


Snapchat's going to infinity, and beyond.

The camera now lets you send an endless loop of video, one of four new editing tools found in the messaging app.

Although Snapchat used to let you replay snaps after viewing, a looping video option under the timer repeats the snap ad nauseam on the recipient's end.

The same feature also applies to photos. Limitless snaps keeps a photo on your friend's screen until they tap it away. Then, the snap deletes as usual.

Snapchatters can draw with emoji, or use a magic eraser tool that appears to work in a similar way to the clone stamp or healing brush tool in Photoshop. When scrubbing out a selection, the app replaces the blank space with background fill.

All the new tools can be found in a vertical list on the right side of the preview screen.

These new features come a day before parent company Snap reports earnings. It will be the first quarterly results since Snap went public on the New York Stock Exchange in March 2017.

Snap's main competitor Facebook has been rolling out its own Snapchat-like features to users. These include facial filters in the Facebook mobile app and Instagram Stories, a clone of Snapchat Stories.