Snap finally releases a how to use Snapchat video

It's the user manual bewildered new and prospective users (and parents!) have been waiting for.

Snapchat releases a video teaching people how to use the app.
Screenshot by Richard Nieva/CNET

It's no secret Snapchat is confusing to use. In fact, when Snap, the social media app's parent company, released its IPO filing documents earlier this month, the app's confusing user interface was listed as one of the risk factors for investors.

Lo and behold, on Friday, Snap released the user manual many bewildered Snapchatters (or their parents) have been asking for. It came in the form of a video, labeled "Snapchat Product Overview," in its "roadshow" materials -- the stuff it uses to convince potential investors to buy in.

"Making a Snap is simple," a friendly-voiced narrator says in the video as he takes more than eight and a half minutes to explain the app.

Among the things the video covers: how to record a video, how to use lenses and how to use a geofilter.

Watch the whole thing here.

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