Snakes on a cell tower: T-Mobile photo full of nope nope nope

Paging Samuel L. Jackson! You're needed immediately at a T-Mobile cell tower to deal with some $@*$%!# snakes.

There are some things you just hope to never see while you're working. A writhing bundle of snakes is one of those things (unless you're a herpetologist). A T-Mobile field engineer climbed up a cell tower and made a discovery that will give some people nightmares: a mass of snakes all coiled around each other and the tower equipment.

T-Mobile posted the image to Twitter on Tuesday and challenged its followers to come up with some movie titles based on the photo. T-Mobile's suggestion is "Snakes on an Array." Twitter users did not disappoint. Potential film titles included "Tower Medusa," "High Power Coils," "Snakenado," "Towering Inserpento" and "Slithering Heights."

While a lot of snakes tend to dwell at ground level, some snakes will climb trees (and other tall objects) to catch prey or avoid predators.

T-Mobile confirmed the image is real, but didn't share any further details other than that is was taken at a height of 125 feet (38 meters) up on the tower. The field engineer appeared to be a reasonable distance away from the snakes when the photo was taken, if that makes you feel any better.