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Smart attack: Sony Ericsson T650, S500, P1 and T250

Have a gander at these tasty new handsets, the Sony Ericsson T650i, Sony Ericsson S500, Sony Ericsson P1 and Sony Ericsson T250

Fashion phones are taking the UK by storm and Sony Ericsson doesn't want to ignore all you fashionistas out there -- so it's come up with a couple of attractive new handsets: the S500i and T650i. These are set to compete with phones such as the LG Prada and Motorola Krzr looks-wise, but what do they offer on the inside?

The T650i (second from left) is a slim, 3G-enabled candybar phone with a 3.2-megapixel camera and a rather interesting keypad, which is made up of square keys and performs a light show in conjunction with the various on-screen themes. The T650i feels rather solid, as it's partially made of stainless steel.

The S500i (second from right) is a slider phone that comes in a stylish green or yellow casing and has lights on either side, similar to the Nokia 6300, that light up when you receive a call or text message. There's also a time-sensitive theme that changes the colour of the S500i's interface to suit the time of day, and a 2-megapixel camera.

Of course it's not all about looks and Sony Ericsson knows it, so it's also launched two other handsets: one called the T250, a mid-range, straightforward candybar handset (left); and the P1 (right), a slim smart phone that's the successor to the P990i.

We rather like the T250, because the keypad is easy to use and it has an FM radio. The T250 is also quite slim, measuring 13mm thick, so it will slip into your pocket without too much trouble. It does only have a VGA camera, however, so if you're looking for a cutting edge handset you might want to check out the P1.

The Sony Ericsson P1 is a thin smart phone that comes with a 3.2-megapixel camera with auto-focus, a camera feature lacking on many smart phones. The P1 also comes with support for push email, including BlackBerry and Exchange servers, and there's also 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity for high-speed Web browsing and data access.

All these new handsets will be available sometime this year and probably come free with a monthly contract. Expect full reviews soon. -Andrew Lim

Update: a Sony Ericsson S500i review is now on the site