Sleep texting reportedly on the rise

The youth of today love to send those text messages. So much, in fact, they're apparently doing it in their sleep.

The youth of today love to send those text messages. They love it so much, in fact, that they're apparently even doing it in their sleep.

Slumber expert Dr David Cunnington of the Melbourne Sleep Disorder Centre in Australia has reported an increasing number of young people falling asleep and then sending bewildering text messages to people in their address book, the Telegraph reports.

Dr Cunnington believes the problem is due to people having too much to do during waking hours. "People are doing so much during a normal day that it can mean they feel like they're on call even at night," he said. "Because it's so easy to communicate with smart phones, it becomes more difficult to separate waking and sleeping lives." 

The problem isn't strictly new. Two years ago, Jessica Castillo, 24, of Italy, Texas, fell foul of this phenomena when she sent her boyfriend a message that began, "baby u there? Need to tell somethin..." before it degenerated into gibberish.

Here at Crave, we're taking this sleep-texting news with a pinch of salt. No studies have been conducted into sleep texting, and it seems unlikely many could pull it off given that using a mobile phone requires fairly complex motor skills.

That said, it's not something we can totally rule out as people do all manner of things things while asleep -- from copulation to climbing a 13-story crane to recording entire albums.

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