Skype Wi-Fi comes to iOS devices

Skype subscribers with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will soon be able to connect and pay for access to over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world using their Skype accounts.

Marguerite Reardon Former senior reporter
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Marguerite Reardon

Skype's Wi-Fi access app is coming to Apple iOS devices.

The company said Wednesday that its Skype Wi-Fi app, formerly called Skype Access, will soon be a free app in the Apple Store, allowing iPhone, iPod Touch (running iOS 4.1 and above) and iPad users to connect to over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world via their existing Skype accounts.

This will let people connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, airports, train stations convention centers bars and restaurants using Skype Credit in their accounts. The benefit of accessing these hotspots through Skype is two fold: It allows users to use their existing Skype account and credits. And it also allows people to use the Wi-Fi hotspot for short durations without paying for a full hour or a full day.

"Skype Credit you only pay for the minutes you use," the company said in its blog. "So, there's no need to buy an hour or day WiFi voucher if you're only looking to check your email or make a quick Skype call."

The company says the app is great for travelers all over the world, offering a cost-effective and simple way to get online with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Pricing for Wi-Fi access via the Skype app is about $0.06 per minute, and users are only charged for the minutes they use. There are no limits on the amount of data you can upload or download while in the hotspot.