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Skype rolls out video messaging beta

Although the official launch is still to come, Skype invites users on three platforms to test a new video-messaging feature.


Did you ever want to leave a message for a Skype buddy who just wasn't there? Skype's new video-messaging feature, now in a beta of sorts, is the interactive way to do it.

Available today for users in the U.S., U.K., and other select countries (Skype isn't listing them all,) video messaging sends a recording to friends who may be offline or on another call.

Android, iOS, and Mac users don't have to do anything to play around with the prerelease feature, except to make sure they've got the most recent software update (the capability has been hiding in plain sight for weeks). If you use Skype on any of these three platforms, you'll be able to send a video message, and to receive it within your message inbox.

Skype users on Windows can still receive video messages, though they'll appear as a link, not as a video clip. Skype expects Windows devices to send video messages by the end of April.

Skype's goal in opening up the feature before launch is to collect feedback for straightening out any kinks before the software's final release (which will be "shortly").

Beta user testing is always risky, since a poor experience could turn off future users before Skype can smooth over any bumps, but I, for one, applaud crowdsourced testing.

Stay tuned; we'll check it out shortly.

Article updated at 2:45 p.m. PT with more availability details.