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SkyFire 3.0 browser for Android is hot for Facebook

SkyFire 3.0 for Android is out, and is handy if you want to keep a deep link with Facebook while they're browsing the Web.

For many people, Facebook is the Internet. SkyFire has taken note, making the latest version of its Android Web browser extremely Facebook friendly.

SkyFire 3.0 integrates the 'book directly into the browser's Skybar, a toolbar powered by the cloud. This means the browser has a number of features which make it particularly well suited for Facebook addicts.

For instance, a Popular button shows what's amusing Facebook readers at that particular moment, as well as recommendations from friends. There's also a feed reader, filtering your news feed into a list that only includes links to clickable Web pages, images and videos.

You can access your Facebook feed, profile and Places with one click of the browser, while a Facebook Like button is also stuck on every page you browse. You can also share the page using Facebook, Twitter or email. It's available from the Android Market for free for a limited time. Check out the video below to see its features.

You'd have to be a Facebook fanatic to make all these features worthwhile. These bells and whistles can often slow down a mobile browser, so it's worth thinking about whether you want a clean experience or something that has social networking to the fore.

SkyFire 3.0 uses Facebook Connect, which enables you to log in to apps and websites with your Facebook identity. This is why we might never see a Facebook phone, because there doesn't seem to be much point when Zuckerberg's creation can already be integrated so heavily into your mobile.

There are a number of Android Internet browsers available, including good old Opera and Dolphin. Which one do you use? Does SkyFire's Facebook love attract you? Let us know.

Image credit: Talk Android