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Skullcandy releases special wireless earbuds, launches '12 Moods' campaign

The limited-edition orange earbuds are part of Skullcandy's campaign to express the different ways music makes you feel.


Skullcandy, best known for its colorful, budget-friendly audio products, is launching a new campaign about the different ways music makes listeners feel. Called "12 Moods," the company will sell limited products, highlight athletes and release exclusive music every month. Each month will be themed around a specific mood, with March being "bold."

As such, Skullcandy is selling a vibrant orange, special-edition variant of its Push Trully Wireless Earbuds. The buds cost $130, which is its usual retail price (though it has been on sale in the past for $99). CNET editor Rick Broida noted that the Push "ranks among the best wire-free earbuds [he's] tried to date, at least in terms of audio fidelity."

Next month, Skullcandy said that the mood for April will be "elevated," followed by "fresh" in May and "empowered" in June. It did not reveal which colors or products will be associated with those months.

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