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Sirius officially announces the Stiletto 100

Sirius officially announces the Stiletto 100

File the Stiletto 100 under "Top gadget rumors of 2006." We now have official details about the much-ballyhooed Sirius gadget. First, it's a compact portable Sirius satellite-radio receiver that can record programming (you can also pause and rewind TiVo-style). Competitor XM already has a couple of like devices in the Samsung Helix and the Pioneer Inno. But the Stiletto includes integrated Wi-Fi, so it can hop onto the Sirius online network to stream songs.

Available "this month" (website states October 4 shipping), the Stiletto (measuring 4.7 by 2 by 1 inches), offers 100 hours of recordable storage (2GB), and the Wi-Fi aspect gives subscribers access "to all of Sirius's 64 commercial-free music channels, plus Howard Stern's two channels, Martha Stewart Living Radio, OutQ, and other original talk programming." That can be extremely useful indoors, and just the thought of dual streams--one from space, the other via the Internet--makes this gadget a wonder.

The included Yahoo Music Jukebox is simply an application that will allow you to manage and purchase the tracks that you added as favorites--nothing too extraordinary about that. The device is an MP3/WMA player with a 2.2-inch screen. You also get 30 channel presets, and the ability to pause and rewind live radio back 60 minutes. From the release: Stiletto 100, with a MSRP of $349.99, will include the radio, standard battery, slim battery, AC power adapter, headset antenna, earbuds, PC cable, My Sirius Studio software, and Yahoo Music Jukebox software."

We'll have a review of the unit and service as soon as we get our paws on them. See CNET News' video of the Stilleto in action here.