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Sierra iN Studio 5.0: Studio-grade iPod speakers

The iN Studio 5.0 iPod speaker system looks like a pair of studio monitors, but they hold that crucial iPod adaptor that couples your iPod so stylishly to your home-cinema setup

At Crave we're very fond of iPod-ready speakers and we're not averse to those that claim to be of a superior quality. How do you think we felt this morning to see a set that look like our studio monitor speakers and claim to be the most dynamic-sounding smart speaker system on the market? We felt good inside.

Sierra Sound has a history of producing high-end studio audio equipment, so theoretically it should know what it's doing designing the iN Studio 5.0 iPod speaker system. (We don't think the same can be said of its capitalisation, but there you go.) Of course, there's the ever-useful iPod dock built right into the top, or you could wire them into your home-cinema system, your PC... even your mobile phone if you've got one of those handy little adaptors.

These are pretty loud monsters too, with 50W of screaming power encased in a glossy black, white or grotesquely red case.

So far these only ship in the US and cost $399 (£200), but if they ever make it on to British soil you know where to find a review*.

(*Here at, if that wasn't as obvious as it was intended to be.) -Nate Lanxon