Siemens AX72: Cheap and it knows it

The Siemens AX72 is not exciting or even nice to use, but it's cheap as chips and it has a few decent features that make it better than some other entry-level phones

Andrew Lim

There are times when you need a phone that can do it all, such as the Nokia 6280, and then there are times when you just need a phone that makes calls. Carrying a phone that's worth over £300 on a night out doesn't always feel like the sensible thing to do -- especially if, like Crave, you tend to lose things in the early hours.

However, if you think buying a cheap phone means you have to do without a colour screen, GPRS, polyphonic ringtones and the ability to send and receive MMS, then you're wrong. Virgin Mobile sells a range of reasonably priced pay-as-you-go phones and has recently launched the Siemens AX72. It's a simple phone that doesn't have much to shout about, but for the price of a dinner for two, it's not a bad deal.

The AX72 features tri-band and GPRS connectivity, a WAP browser, MMS picture messaging, games and even a 65k colour screen. It also only weighs 76g, which will feel great in your cash-filled pocket, but keep in mind that this phone is really basic. For example, it doesn't have Bluetooth or infrared, it doesn't have a camera and it only has 1.5MB of internal memory.

Obviously, you won't buy this phone for its specs, but you won't cry if you lose or break it, and Virgin Mobile is selling it for only £30 on pay as you go. For more details see the review of the Siemens AX72. -AL