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Shiver me timbers! A pirate-themed Galaxy S8 lands in China

A Pirates of the Caribbean-themed version of Samsung's flagship phone is setting sail in China for a wee bounty of $880.

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The Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Samsung Galaxy S8.

If you've been saving up 'yer doubloons, or if you're willing to dig up that chest of gold you buried, why not splurge on Samsung's new Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Galaxy S8 smart phone? Of course, you'll need to set sail for China first, and be sure to bring plenty of booty, because it costs 6,000 yuan (about $880, £680 or AU$1,180). Ahoy! Or something.

OK, enough with the pirate jokes (not my forte, in case you can't tell). Spotted on GizmoChina, the phone actually looks pretty underwhelming, at least as far as special editions go. While it comes in a special pirate-themed treasure box to commemorate "Dead Men Tell No Tales," the latest in the movie series, the phone itself isn't terribly distinctive. It comes with a special case and a pirate theme that'll you'll see as soon as you turn the phone on. 

At any rate, it's a far cry from other limited release smart phones, including Samsung's special-edition Batman phone and a special-edition Galaxy S7 Edge released for the Olympics. Both of those feature unique designs, with the Batman logo and Olympic rings etched into the backs of each one. Nothing so distinctive for the Pirates phone, unfortunately.

Still, if interested, you'll find the phone for sale on No word yet on whether or not it'll ever be available outside of China.